Negative Product Reviews

Do you sell a product or provide a service? If you do, then there’s a good chance that someone is writing a review about your business as we speak.

The occasional negative review won’t likely hurt you, but if you get just one extremely dissatisfied customer with revenge on the mind, they can do serious harm by flooding review sites with horrifying, exaggerated claims about your appalling products or services.

What are the benifits?

Constant exposure is one of the most prominent benefits of SEO. When you get your website ranked for a certain keyword, you will get perpetual exposure for no additional cost whenever someone searches for said keyword. This is also something which brings qualified leads, which is pretty much the next benefit.

A qualified lead is a person who is already readily interested in what you have to offer – that’s why he is searching for it. The toughest part is handled – you’ve captured a person who is a lot more likely to make a purchase decision.

What is included in the process?

Search engine optimization is not a one-off process. It takes time depending on the competition. If you are looking to rank for a serious keyword which falls under some particularly hard competition, you ought to know that it might even take a year to beat the competitor. However, throughout this time, you are also getting the perks of exposure and getting leads to your business.

There are a lot of things that have to be done as part of the process. Content distribution, link building, on-site and off-site optimization – all of these are required in order to make your website compliant to the requirements of Google and, hence, enhance its overall standing and positioning. This is undoubtedly something that you should take into serious consideration.


Obviously, everything starts with the analysis and, if we have to be completely honest, it’s amongst the most important phases. The developing team is going to look at the overall purpose of the app that you want to build and the way users are going to interact with it.

This is going to allow them to ensure that they are aware of the things that need to be implanted and developed. It’s an important consideration worth taking into account.